"Without music, life would be a mistake."

Friedrich Nietzsche








Pen Club - Diploma - Miami, FL - 1999

Cuban Museum - Letter of gratefulness - Miami, FL - 1997

ACCA award - Better original music for the theater plays Lola & Yerma - Miami, FL -1996

Letter of recognition - Miami Dade Community College - Miami, FL - 1995

Letter of recognition - Operation Pedro Pan Group - Miami, FL - 1994

Diploma- III Bienal de Poesia (III Biennial of poetry Diploma) Madrid- Spain - 1992

Best song award En busca de una nueva flor (In search of a new flower) WorldwideFestival of Youth and the students - Cuba - 1978

Letter of recognition - IV Festival of Ballet -Tribute to Alicia Alonso - Cuba -1978




Corpus Christi & Un siglo de Madrid (A century of Madrid) Telson Video - original music - Spain - 1992

Mind awareness campaign - UNHCR - Original music - Geneva, Switzerland - 1992

A global view - UNHCR - Original music - Geneva, Switzerland - 1991

Make a little difference - UNHCR - Original music - Geneva, Switzerland - 1990




Mimi and Mr. Bobo - Cartoon animated series - MB Productions - Original music - Spain -1998

Little Carlota - UNHCR - Original music - Geneva, Switzerland -1996

Mas alla (Beyond) TV Show - Telecinco TV - Original music - Spain - 1992/1993

Buenos dias (Good morning) - TVE - Original music & performer - Spain - 1990/1991




Notas que saben a olvido (Forgotten)  -  Original music Avante Theater Miami FL. 2017

El puerto de los cristales rotos (Harbor of broken glass) - Original music- Avante Theater- Miami,Fl.USA-  2016

Alguna cosita que alivie el sufrir (A little something to ease the pain)- Original Music - Avante Theater-Miami,FL.USA -2015

Anos dificiles (Difficult years) - Original music - Miami,FL - 2014

Al pie del Tamesis (On the banks of the Thames) - Original Music - Avante Theater-Miami,FL -2013

El no (No) - Original music - Avante theater - Original music - Miami,FL - 2012

El malentendido (The misunderstanding) - Original music - Avante theater - Miami,FL - 2011

Por las tierras de Colon (Across Columbus’ Lands) - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - 2010

Aire frio (Cold air) - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami FL - 2009

Lina -Teatro del Sol - Original music - M. Artime Theater - Miami FL - 2008

Falsa alarma (False Alarm) - Original music - MDCC - Miami FL - 2005

Cenizas en el mar (Ashes in the sea) - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - 2001

Lila la mariposa (Lila the butterfly) - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - 2000

La pergrina (The Pilgrim) - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - 1998

Fiesta de mascaras (Masquerade party) - Original music - MDCC - Miami, FL - 1997

Los fantasmas de Tulemon (Tulemon's Ghosts) - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - 1997

Yerma - Original music - MDCC - Miami, FL - 1996

Lola - Original music - MDCC - Miami, FL - 1996

Hazme de la noche un cuento (Tell me a tale about the night) - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - 1996

Demasiado para una noche (Too much for one night) - Musical edition - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - 1996

Malecon y Madre nuestra (The levee & Our mother) - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - 1995

Matecumbe - Original music - Avante Theater - Miami, FL - Composer -1995

El retablo de las maravillas (The retable of wonders) - Original music - MDCC - Miami, FL - 1995

La balsa (The raft) - Original music - Marti Theater - Miami, FL. - 1994




Despues de Tanta vida… (After all that life) Radio Marti - Washington, DC. Performer and host of the 52 programs - 1990.




CD- "Echoes"- Cuban Suite for orchestra & rock band (producer, composer, orchestrator) 2017

CD- "Versos del alma" Daniel Garcia, Ivette Cepeda & Mike Porcel (composer, orchestrator) 2016

"POEM" - Concert with several colleagues (Ricardo Eddy Martinez, Omar Hernandez, Jorge "Peppino" Fernández, Horacio "el negro" Hernandez & Mike Porcel-Manuel Artime Theater 2015

CD - "Personal" (producer, composer, orchestrator) 2012

CD "Intactvs" (producer, composer, orchestrator) 2007

Recital Instituto Cervantes (Cervantes Institute) - Performer - New York, NT - 2007

Recital - New York Public Library - Performer - New York, NY - 2006

Composer of the song Damas de blanco (Ladies in white) for TV & Radio Marti - 2006

Recital Tres autores y su obra (Three authors and their work) - Performer - Pen Club Koubek Center UM Miami, FL - 1999

Seis mujeres recuerdan a Lecuona (Six women remembering Lecuona) Songwriter Miami Dade County Auditorium - Miami, FL - 1998

Recordando a Marti (Remembering Marti) - Performer - Koubek Center UM - Miami, FL - 1997

Un ramo de Flores y una bandera (A bunch of flowers and a flag) - Performer - Valencia Community College - Orlando, FL - 1995

Despues de tanta vida…(After all that life) - Performer and musical director - MDCC - Miami, FL - 1995

Homenaje a Alberto Baeza Flores (Tribute to Alberto Flores) - Composer and guest artist Prometheus Group Theater MDCC - Miami, FL - 1994

Dia de la poesia/Festividad de San Juan de la Cruz (Day of poetry/Festivity of St John of the Cross) - Composer/performer - Spain - 1993

Que hablen los poetas II (Let the poets speak - Version II) - Composer and musical director - Spain & Belgium - 1992/1993

Mis momentos felices (My moments of joy) Elsa Baeza’s CD & performances - Madrid, Spain - Composer and musical director - 1990/1993


CUBA 1980-1989


By political disagreements with the established totalitarian regime in Cuba, he decided to emigrate in 1980. During nine long years permission to leave the country was denied to him, and he was condemned to a total ostracism, banned from of all cultural activity, radio and television. In spite of everything he kept creating and composing in silence. Finally in 1989 he could emigrate to Spain thanks to the intercession of the "Committee of Human Rights of the United Nations".




Co-founder and director of symphonic - progressive rock band Síntesis

Concerts and recitals during these years in solitaire and with the band.




En busca de una nueva flor (In search of a new flower) Song award.

Amaury y Poemas de  Jose Marti ( Amaury y Jose Marti poems) Arranger/composer for both Amaury Perez LPs

La hora de la ronda (Time for the round) based on traditional Spaniard & Cuban Children nursery rhymes. Arrangements

Que hablen los poetas- version I (Let the poets speak-version I) Theatrical, musical and poetry show. Composer and performer

Musical director and/or composer of the original music for the following theater plays premiered at Teatro Estudio: La hija de las flores (The daughter of the flowers) Se hace camino al andar (Way while walking), Mother Courage and Her Children and "Galileo"

Recitals as songwriter- performer in different theaters such as: Teatro Bellas Artes, Sala Teatro Hubert de Blanck, Teatro Amadeo Roldan, Teatro Mella, and Teatro Carlos Marx.




He started his professional career as a member of the rock band Dada.

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"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

"La musica limpia el alma del polvo de la vida cotidiana"

Berthold Auerbach


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